New company website is user friendly & mobile responsive

by Darren
Flowcrete new website Jnl 5 16

Flowcrete SA’s new website makes it easy to find information both online via desktop computers and mobile devices.

Designed with greater practicality in mind, Flowcrete South Africa has launched a new website that will make it easier for contractors, architects and end users to find the flooring information they need while onsite, on the move or in the office.

Developed with the principles of usability at its core, the new website ensures that technical information, contact details and Flowcrete’s flooring advice is all as readily available as possible.

Centralising the content and shortening the user’s pathways around the site makes it quicker and easier to navigate, while the responsive design means that the website works equally well across desktop computers, tablets, laptops and cell phones.

“We know that construction professionals often need to access information quickly, however they’ll frequently be out of the office and in the middle of a project on a building site working from their phones, which makes having to deal with an unresponsive, slow or clunky website a real headache,” states Craig Blitenthall, Managing Director of Flowcrete South Africa.

“We’ve worked to help streamline their research by building our new site to be fast and mobile responsive.”

Visitors can now search via one of three routes, either by the benefits they need (e.g. antimicrobial, anti-static, decorative), by the flooring range (e.g. car park coatings, industrial resins, polyurethane floor screeds) or by the market sector they work within (e.g. automotive, food & beverage, healthcare) and be presented with the options relevant to them.

Alongside these overviews, users can access a vast library of technical data, flooring ideas and advice. All of Flowcrete South Africa’s product data sheets can be downloaded from the site alongside brochures, whitepapers and complementary literature. In addition, videos detailing application techniques, high-profile case studies and Flowcrete’s news stories are all available on the website to inspire, inform and advise.

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