The new Numatic 244NX Compact Scrubber Dryer is a fast, effective and easy, clean solution. This innovative solution to cleaning and drying small or congested areas also reduces labour costs by 70% and water use by 80%. The easy-to-use, highly manoeuvrable 244NX is a powerful, long-lasting, battery-powered floor scrubber that can be used just about anywhere.

Benefits of the 244NX include:

Agile and lightweight, the 244NX easily “parks up” whilst you move obstacles or continue with other chores.

  • It is easy on the environment, saving over 5 000 litres of water per year.
  • It is compatible with Numatic’s NuAssist App, making training and maintenance simple.
  • It comes with either one or two NX300 batteries. These versatile batteries deliver power driving productivity and are interchangeable with many of Numatic’s machines.
  • 30 power-cell configuration delivers 300Wh of energy.
  • 440cm scrub width.
  • 2,2 litre solution tank.
  • 3 litre recovery tank.
  • 80 minutes runtime per battery.
  • One hour fast charge for 80%, two hours for 100%.

Top tip: It reduces labour costs by 70% and water use by 80%

For more information, contact Numatic:
Tel: +27 861 686 284

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