Main image: Lastra Luna

With their constant research and development, Planium can create collections that increasingly express the versatility of metal – an ancient but very current raw material.

Planium has been dealing with metal surfaces for interior design, architecture and contract for more than two decades.

A timeless material

The contrast and colour combinations inspired Planium to create a surface resembling that of the moon, full of timeless charm. The moon has always inspired and influenced humankind – for example, through astronomy, art or literature. Lunar soil, with its craters and sand, is therefore a Planium surface suitable for walls and floors.

Colour range

The tones range from grey, brown, luminous silvery to dark anthracite tones obtained through the oxidation of steel. This evokes the feeling of landing on lunar soil, amongst its glows and shadows. The colours are aptly named Dust Gray, Dove Gray, and Anthracite on to Vibrant Silver and more decisive and warm Burnt Sienna and Van Dyck Brown, with subtle and sparkling traces of Gold.

Creating spaces with the moon in mind

Now, designing spaces to reflect the moon surface is possible with this unique range.

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