New colour collection added to vinyl range

by Darren
FISA new colour added to vinyl range Jnl 5 16

Tarkett’s iQ Granit range has updated its colour collection to offer designers a greater scope of freedom.

Tarkett has updated its best-selling iQ Granit range of homogeneous compact vinyl flooring with a range of new colours and even greater compatibility with their extended family of iQ Granit solutions. This gives architects and building owners greater freedom when it comes to selecting beautiful colours while concurrently taking advantage of the iQ range’s unique benefits which has the ability to transform any room.

The goal of these neutral and vibrant colours is to create fresh and modern interiors that foster wellbeing and user satisfaction. iQ Granit’s “Colours” selection features rich, warm and vibrant tones, while the “Neutrals” line offers subdued tones inspired by nature and the “Micro” line rounds off the range with a low-contrasted pattern alternative. This updated collection is also perfectly coordinated with the extended Granit family of acoustic, conductive, dissipative and slip-resistant flooring solutions to cover even more spaces than before.

To date, more than 80-million square metres of iQ Granit have been installed since the products launch nearly 50 years ago. Their solid reputation within the industry is why hospitals and schools around the world have put their trust in the multi-room versatility, cost-saving durability and unique maintenance properties of iQ Granit.

This product range offers some of the longest homogeneous flooring durability on the market, with consistent performance over the years, unfaltering colours and superior wear, stain and abrasion resistance. Building owners can also save up to 30% on maintenance costs over the life of iQ Granit as its unique composition means less water, chemicals and effort is required to maintain it.

In addition, the entire range has been designed to speed up installation, avoid premature soiling and ensure that the installation is done right the first time round. When it comes to sustainability, this product range helps to improve indoor air quality due to the VOC levels measuring below quantifiable levels and the usage of phthalate-free technology. Lastly, the ease of maintenance also contributes to optimum hygiene and infection control.

All of these benefits result in a versatile homogenous floor that has been carefully designed to meet and exceed industry expectations after every single installation and during the course of its entire lifespan.

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