New collection of carpet planks will be launching

by Darren
Belgotex carpet tile planks Jnl 3 16

New longer & wider 120 x 30cm plank collection from Belgotex Floors.

Belgotex Floors will be launching a new carpet tile plank collection, adding a new 120 x 30cm plank variant to their standard size offerings.

The long, rectangular dimensions are in line with international trends towards longer and wider shapes (also evident in LVT’s) but are slightly longer and broader than the American and European norm of 1m x 25.

The increasingly popular geometry of planks – whether carpet tiles or LVT – provides exciting pattern possibilities such as chevron, herringbone and basket weave installations, among others. Their long, slim dimensions lend themselves to more frequent pattern repeats for a striking decorative effect across a large expanse.

The new plank collection comprises four fashionable patterned ranges; Fringe; Metro; Enterprise and the newly launched Natural Bark that will add further design flexibility and interest to the floor.

The unique design of each range from Fringe’s fine, high-low pinstripe, Metro’s spaced linear stripes, to the pixelated shading of Enterprise or Natural Bark’s earthy wood-look, can be used to make a bold statement.

For the plank collection, each range will be available in only a light or dark grey. Bright non-stocking colours are available on order, and can be used as accent colours, but minimum quantities will apply.

Natural Bark is the newest range of wood-look carpet tiles, with a tufted cutpile texture designed to emulate the appearance of the bark of a tree.  

Ideal for organic, earthy interiors, this soft and comfortable commercial carpeting speaks to the trend towards timber, recreating the tones and textures of this classic raw material.

Made from Stainproof SDX, Natural Bark will surprise and delight, providing unexpected softness and comfort coupled with the warmth and beauty of wood. The wood-look is here to stay and Natural Bark is available in five earthy tones ranging from light beige, through caramel to dark brown as well as fashionable grey. Five non-stocking brights are also available on request for more adventurous interiors.

For more information visit www.belgotexfloors.co.za or call (033) 897-7500 or Cape Town (021) 763-6900 or JHB (011) 380-9300

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