New coffee inspired cement flooring colours

by Tania Wannenburg
Cemcrete new coffee inspired colours Jnl 5 16

Cemcrete has introduced six new coffee inspired colour hardeners that create a ‘warmer’ space.

Six new coffee inspired Colour Hardener colours have been added to Cemcrete’s range to warm up any interior or exterior space.

Colour Hardener is a granolithic concrete material that is floated into fresh screed or concrete which colours, strengthens and creates durable surfaces for concrete floors. There are several benefits of using Colour Hardener flooring, one being that they create a unique, naturally mottled screed floor finish.

It is considered an ideal floor finish when trying to create continuation from the indoor to outdoor spaces as it can be used in both cases and it is UV resistant. It increases the MPa strength of a standard screed and is therefore perfect for high-traffic areas. Furthermore its life cycle performance is excellent, especially in environments that have to withstand the burdens of maintenance and durability.

Colour Hardener can also be used in conjunction with underfloor heating and when applied, there is no risk of any colour being rubbed off or abraded. Then for those who want to express their artistic tastes, it is the perfect material as it allows you to stain, imprint or incorporate special inlays.

This is why Colour Hardener is such a popular choice, and the introduction of these new colours will certainly offer specifiers more scope when it comes to creating spaces that require a warmer look and feel.

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