coatings for wooden flooring

Zimbo’s Flooring Solutions has introduced new water-based coating products for the local market, manufactured under licence by LOBA in Germany. The company has represented woodcare company, LOBA, in South Africa for 20 years. Its’ premium water-based coatings, natural oils and care products have been manufactured in Germany for over 100 years, and are distributed in more than 40 countries worldwide.  

Zimbo’s EnviroLife 

Zimbo’s EnviroLife Matt was recently launched locally. The product is a one-component, water-based coating, designed for wooden floors and tailored for normal wear. It boasts elastic and stable properties, eliminating the need for a primer. With balanced properties, a high filling capacity and easy and safe application, it is suitable for both parquet and wooden floors. 

This product is extremely well priced, and yet still sets impressive standards of both durability and workability.  

LOBA 2K Drive Extra-Matte 

coatings for wooden flooring

In June 2024, Zimbo’s will be introducing the new LOBA 2K Drive Extra-Matte coating. This product follows in the footsteps of premium products such as LOBA 2K Duo Matt varnish. 

The LOBA 2K Drive Extra-Matte coating is a professional-grade, water-based, two-component finish, meticulously crafted for wooden floors, including both wood and parquet varieties. Recognised for its exceptional resistance to plasticisers from parquet adhesives, along with its seamless, lap-free application process, it offers unparalleled durability and aesthetic appeal. It is well-suited for use in both residential areas, with normal to heavy foot traffic, and light commercial settings. 

This product will have a commendable price-to-performance ratio, making it one of the most competitive water-based, two-component, cross-linked polyurethane on the market.  


Zimbo’s introduces new coatings from LOBA that are offering water-based 2 component polyurethane at a competitive price.  


For more information, contact Zimbo’s Flooring Solutions: 

Tel: +27 21 511 4693 



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