New click lock vinyl floor finish

by Tania Wannenburg
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A new click system for vinyl floors that is thicker, less flexible and waterproof, adding numerous new benefits.

Nature’s Floor has gone one step further and added a game-changing click lock vinyl floor finish to the stable.

Vinyl flooring continues to make inroads into the flooring industry by offering a tough, durable and attractive flooring option with detailed embossed grains to resemble wood in a large variety of colours. Nature’s Floor Luxury Vinyl has embraced this floor type by staying ahead with 7 mm thick planks and a Fall Down click system.

According to Nature’s Floor, the company has worked hard to eliminate the stumbling blocks and failures that have previously been associated with vinyl flooring, by developing and perfecting the prominent click system on all four sides of its planks.

A further common problem associated with traditional vinyl is plank flexibility, which means the planks will take the shape of an inconsistent subfloor. If the subfloor is uneven and not properly prepared this can lead to a “wavy-looking” and inconsistent floor, and in time can even lead to floor failure. Nature’s Floor has addressed this by ensuring that its luxury vinyl is thicker and less flexible. Nature’s Floor can be installed with floor preparation similar to that commonly done with laminated wooden floors, where tolerance differences are slightly more acceptable – this allows for cost savings from a material-and-labour perspective, and also shortens the installation period.

The plank surface of Nature’s Floor is super-embossed, resembling the look and feel of traditional timber floors without the expense and maintenance associated with wooden floors. A range of six colours is also offered. Rated for both residential and commercial use, this product is both versatile and aesthetically pleasing, and has the added advantage of being waterproof. It also has a built-in rubber underlay to improve sound dampening and to assist with its click system’s locking-together mechanism, resulting in a far more comfortable floor.

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