New cleaning equipment demonstrates craftsmanship

by Tania Wannenburg
Numatic MopMatic Jnl 5 16

Numatic International has introduced two new cleaning equipment products that further simplify the art of cleaning.

The Numatic International brand continues to grow from strength to strength with its unique Structofoam construction and innovative designs. It is for this reason that their product offerings are sought after in the industry, as they continue to strive towards making the “art” of cleaning easier and more practical.

One such product is MopMatic, which is designed to provide a practical answer to the disciplined maintenance of floors in critical areas where standards are paramount. It is a unique mop preparation system that allows operators to have an almost constant supply of clean, uniformly infused mops to carry out the task at hand. Whether the need is for cleaning or disinfecting or a combination of the two, evenly prepared mops leave nothing to chance.  The MopMatic mop box is unique in that it allows for 10 loop or microfiber mops to be evenly filled by the simple addition of the approved cleaning or disinfecting solution.

A new member of the Numatic family designed to allow for effortless performance at higher burnishing speeds is the NuShine HNS1550 Ultraflo Burnisher. When size and weight are a factor, the HNS offers the ideal balance. It is a compact yet powerful machine with supreme manoeuvrability. The new NuShine product also has complete directional control which results in a consistently high standard of finish. It rotates at 1 500 rpm and has a powerful Hi-Cool 1 500W Motor with a 500mm pad. It offers effortless, all direction control with a simple load adjustment and a fully adjustable operator handle. In addition, it is quickly identifiable by its soft touch Nutronic controls and optional high-dust motor filter.

These products further highlight Numatic International’s continuous drive to achieve excellence through the careful craftsmanship of their equipment.

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