Corobrik recently launched a range of piazza, doppio and cobble pavers. The new products were developed in response to a growing number of customers requesting tones of grey, from light graphite to dark onyx, as a paving option.

Musa Shangase, Corobrik’s Commercial Director, comments: “There is a definite move in the construction industry to incorporate black and grey colours. This works well alongside the trend of exposed areas, revealing the raw brickwork.”

The pavers were on display at the recent KwaZulu-Natal Construction Expo and received a lot of attention ahead of the national launch. Besides the new mixture of colours, the pavers are also available in different sizes and types. While the company has traditionally provided the standard size paver 220 x 108.5 x 50mm thick, the new piazza paver 220 x 50 x 50mm, doppio 220 x 220 x 50mm and the cobble 110 x 110 x 50mm are hitting the mark.

The variety of colours, sizes and types means that a unique style and tone can be created for every development. One of the current trendy paving designs includes the use of the same colour paver, alongside a different size for the header or edging. Alternatively, the borders of the paved surface are highlighted by introducing a different colour for the header or edging. The herringbone paving pattern remains a popular option for driveways.

“While trends in pattern, application and colour will always change, we continue to find that customers remain unwavering in the requirements of colour-fastness and skid-resistance that Corobrik pavers offer,” says Musa.

The pavers exude an appealing earthy nature because they are sourced from age-old deposits, contributing to an aesthetically pleasing and durable solution. Corobrik’s clay pavers are renowned for their colour integrity – possible through natural pigmentation – rich texture and minimal maintenance requirements.

“The timeless, earthy look and inherent durability are some of the primary reasons Corobrik’s pavers are constantly chosen for outdoor construction. We will continue to adapt our ranges to meet current trends while retaining the highest level of product quality throughout,” concludes Musa.

For more information, contact Corobrik on Tel: +27 (11) 871 8600 or via

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