New, but still natural designer flooring

by Darren
Egger new designer flooring Jnl 5 16

New designer flooring from EGGER DESIGN+ FLOORING has combined the natural wood based properties with that of plastic.

A new era in designer flooring is beginning with the wood-based materials manufacturer, EGGER, who has managed to merge natural, wood-based flooring with the properties of plastic-based designer flooring, known as EGGER Design+ Flooring.

The floor’s top layer consists of TPU, or thermoplastic polyurethane. This elastic, completely harmless to health, odourless and low-emission material is included in countless products, from the smartphone cover to shoe soles and infusion tubes. The core of EGGER’s new designer flooring consists of a double sealed, high-density, wood-based core board, namely the Ultra Wood Fibre Board (UWF).

A unique memory function makes this stand out when compared to other design floors. This so-called Self-Repair effect turns the new EGGER flooring class into something special. If there are surface deformations, for example, the marks of furniture feet, the molecules pushed in the given place “remember” their initial position and return to it fairly quickly.

When a floor has to withstand a lot of wear and tear, EGGER Design+ Flooring is considered the ideal choice as it is compacted to measure 5 mm, is robust, easy to care for and moisture-resistant. It also exhibits lightfast and anti-slip properties, offers a pleasant walking experience and is therefore 100% suitable for business purposes.

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