New board can now carry 45kg per fixing

by Ofentse Sefolo
New board can now carry 45kg per fixing

CAPCO Diamant Premium Plasterboard

New premium plasterboard covers all essential elements for a safe wall.

A Stronger, high-quality plasterboard that is available from CAPCO, has just hit the market. It can carry up to 45kg per fixing. This board is impregnated with a heavy gypsum core and premium board liner cover; it’s reinforced with glass fibres to create a strong drywall system that resists fire, moisture and sound. It can be identified by its blue surface.

Most suitable applications
CAPCO Diamant Board is used in all fields of interior work as cladding for premium drywall systems and is appropriate for:
• Schools and universities.
• Hospitals and nursing homes.
• Retail shops and malls.
• Offices and administration buildings.
• Hotels.
• Apartments.
• Homes.

Supports a variety of units
This 15mm board is versatile and supports:
• Kitchen cabinets.
• Mirrors and paintings.
• Bathroom fittings.
• Shelving and racking

CAPCO Diamant Board, a high-quality plasterboard with an extra heavy gypsum core, resists fire, moisture and sound.

Dowel Loading Capacity
Engineers certificate available on request. Certified up to 45kg load capacity per fixing with a 1,6 safety factor.

Additional benefits
CAPCO Diamant Board provides a variety of other benefits including:
• It is non-combustible with a good coherence structure when exposed to fire.
• The robust surface enables increased wall heights due to high strength.
• It has low expansion and shrinkage when climate conditions change.
• It can be used if there is a special need for mechanical resistance in rooms with moderately high humidity.
• It is impregnated for reduced water absorption.
• It is easy to cut and break to the right size for installation.
• The flexural ductile gypsum core provides high sound insulation.
• Folding and mitring is possible.
• Simple application.

Contact CAPCO today to find out more about this board.

KZN: 031 569 6090
GAUTENG: 011 822 8142
Website: www.capco.co.za


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