A bespoke range of decorative self-levelling screeds, combining decorative appeal with functional performance, has been introduced by Technical Finishes.

Available ranges

  • Nanoscreed HD: This decorative colour cement floor overlay delivers a unique mottled finish.The product’s unique benefits include durable decorative polymer modified screed; a pigmented range of natural earthy colours; colour stable and hard-wearing; trowel-able to give unique texture; ideal for residential and light commercial applications.
  • Marble-Flow SL: Decorative liquid marble resin flooring system that delivers unmatched smoothness.Benefits include hard-wearing with decorative appeal; exceptional colour movement and selection; quick cure and hardness development.
Marble-Stone TZ Mid Grey
  • Liquid-Stone SL:  A 3-4 mm decorative resin cement flooring system combining aesthetic appeal with the durability of natural stone.Benefits include colour stability; exceptional durability and impact resistance; epoxy modified decorative self-levelling screed; hard-wearing and durable; rapid development of hardness.
  • Marble-Stone TZ: Advanced, high performance 6-8 mm decorative Terazzo flooring system with industrial strength and performance.Benefits include epoxy modified terrazzo screed; high performance, industrial strength and underfoot performance; rake and trowel application.

With flooring options like these, Technical Finishes delivers for your project every time.

For more technical flooring solutions, contact Technical Finishes:
Tel: +27 11 822 7242
Email: info@technicalfinishes.com
Website: www.technicalfinishes.com

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