New Bella colour from AGT

by Ofentse Sefolo
New Bella colour from AGT

The chic and warmth that wood flooring creates is like no other and the latest laminate wood-look floors offer the same naturalness, warmth and comfort, which is why they remain a popular choice for use in studies, living rooms and bedrooms.

Neutral and natural wood floors allow designers to incorporate bold furniture and accessory choices, knowing that the floors will withstand passing trends whilst appealing to a wide variety of tastes.

Keeping in mind current flooring trends, AGT has launched a new colour – DEFNE, which is a new edition to their Bella range, offering warm natural wood tones. In line with the “naturalness” of all their colours, DEFNE is darker with a realistic wood print and has a square edge giving the effect of a seamless wooden floor.

1. Won’t show dirt
Dark wood floors are notorious for showing every spec of dirt and it is for this reason that we choose DEFNE. It is textured with a timberland (wood grain) finish that will not show all the dirt.

2. Highly scratch resistant
Dark floors show any little scratch. DEFNE, however, has an aluminium oxide overlay to protect the natural wood grain that is strong and highly abrasion resistant and can withstand the heaviest of household traffic.

3. Impact resistant
It is impact resistant with a very thick and dense core board, making it stronger and more dimensionally rigid. DEFNE is ideal for busy family homes and high trafficked work areas like kitchens.

4. High moisture resistance
High moisture resistance due to wax impregnated tongue and reduced plank squeaking.

5. Great insulator
Wood flooring is warm underfoot and a great insulator, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

6. From AGT Factory
Manufactured by AGT’s leading European factory in Turkey and designed to European standards, AGT is a reputable supplier that lives up to their warranties

DEFNE offers a new darker natural wood-like finish.

• Planks size: 1200 x 193 x 8mm, Square edge
• Fit for use grading: AC3/W31 – Heavy domestic/moderate commercial grade
• Unilin L2C locking system with paraffin waxed tongue
• Board density – 850-880 kg/m
• Thickness swelling test less than 18%
• EN13329 compliant
• Warranty: 10 years Heavy Domestic use / 5 years Moderate Commercial use

Dark wood floors can be incredibly chic and sophisticated, bringing richness and polish to a space. We look forward to you enjoying and welcoming DEFNE into your home.

For more information visit https://finfloor.co.za/laminate-flooring/agt-bella-ac3-laminate-range/ or send an email to info@finfloor.co.za

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