The built industry has to ensure that it keeps up to date with the latest developments in technology and in this case it’s in the form of an app suited to smartphones and tablets.

The work of architects and construction teams has morphed dramatically over the years due to improved technology which continues to evolve at a rapid rate. It is estimated that there are now over 29-million cell phones in South Africa (compared to just five million landlines), meaning smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of day-to-day business across the world, and the building sector is no different.

After months in development, Corobrik has launched a dedicated app for the specification and application of its bricks and pavers. Available from iTunes, this comprehensive, interactive Corobrik app allows users to access the expertise of Corobrik at their fingertips. It offers an array of handy features, with the Notebook section enabling one to file all project-relevant information.

The Pocket Manual contains a wealth of technical expertise. Simply select the topic and read or download the relevant section. It is divided into the following seven sections:
•    Section A: Foundations
•    Section B: Surface Beds
•    Section C: Brickwork
•    Section D: Waterproofing
•    Section E: Clay Paving
•    Section F: Site Organisation
•    Section G: Compliance

Information is set to follow for designing and specifying Corobrik products that are in compliance with SANS 10400 Building Regulations and SANS 204 Energy Standards.

The Brick Matcher enables one to select a specific type of brick on offer from Corobrik and, after a colour selection has been made, the product guise will surface. In addition, a handy Brick Calculator also allows one to plan the quantity of bricks or pavers needed for a specific project.

Not only will the Brick Calculator provide an accurate estimation of how many bricks or pavers a project will need, it will also calculate the amount of sand and cement needed.

“We envision that the primary users of the Corobrik app will be builders and paving contractors, although it should prove a useful tool, both in the office and on site, for architects, quantity surveyors and others working in the building industry,” says Peter Kidger, Corobrik’s Director of Marketing. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones.