New Anti-slip vinyl launched in SA

by Darren
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Polyflor is proud to announce the launch of a new product in the Polysafe range, under the brand name Polysafe Modena PUR. “This heavy-duty safety flooring features contemporary micro-granite decoration with built-in slip resistance, making it ideal for busy, front-of-house public areas such as entrance areas, circulation spaces and breakout areas,” says Tandy Coleman-Spolander, sales and marketing support director at Polyflor SA.

 According to Tandy, the development of Polysafe Modena PUR follows increased demand for more aesthetic floorings that can be used throughout a building, but that still retain sustainable slip-resistant properties.

“We are experiencing a growing customer demand for high-quality designs with built-in safety,” she says. “This new range of floors contains safety particles that are virtually invisible and do not detract from the good looks demanded in the more showcased areas of a facility.”

The Polysafe Modena PUR range features a high-clarity, micro-granite appearance across 14 different shades and is available with Polyflor’s groundbreaking Polysafe PUR (polyurethane reinforcement).  

Other features include guaranteed slip resistance throughout the life of the product; fully HSE-compliant; reinforced with Polysafe PUR for optimum appearance retention; and up to 60% lifecycle maintenance cost saving compared to untreated safety floors.

In addition, the inclusion of clear aluminium oxide within the vinyl ensures that Polysafe Modena PUR is fully compliant with HSE and UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines, achieving 36+ in the RRL Pendulum wet test and a surface roughness of 20 microns and above.

The appeal of all 14 shades is protected by Polysafe’s excellent cross-linked and UV-cured PUR maintenance enhancement, to enable optimum appearance levels and maintenance cost savings of up to 60%.

Polysafe Modena PUR also fully meets the requirements of EN 13845, the European standard for safety flooring and achieves a BRE Global Generic A+ environmental rating.

“Polysafe Modena PUR is a fantastic product that combines all the tried and tested qualities of Polysafe with the look of a smooth, decorative flooring range,” Tandy explains. “This is a supreme option for front-of-house and high-circulation areas, but can also be used in traditional safety flooring locations.”

For more information or to view an online brochure of the Polysafe Modena range, visit http://digitalbrochures.polyflor.com/getdigi.aspx?id=polysafemodena

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