“Isibaya” is a Zulu word meaning “homestead” that guided Design Partnership Australia to develop the concepts around it as a point of interest. The African-inspired the Meat & Wine Co Restaurant recently opened its doors in Sydney, Australia.

The spirit of Ubuntu

All the Meat & Wine stores are inspired by African heritage, but with each site’s unique Australian surroundings. The designs draw their inspiration from various cultures, traditional architecture and expressive pattern making. The Interior architects aim to embody the spirit of Ubuntu – giving and sharing – in each store.

The art of storytelling

With the African-inspired stores, they pass on stories, knowledge, history and significant events from one generation to the next. The spaces are designed to socialise, tell stories and entertain people. In traditional African cultures, storytelling happens at night around a fire, under the open sky and often in an enclosure.

Each Meat & Wine has a different interpretation of this enclosure often referred to as a lapa, boma or homestead.

African nostalgia

The long, narrow envelope is surrounded by glass on two sides and a wide open footprint in front of the restaurant overlooking the lake at Bella Vista. A boma interpretation wraps around the sides of the interior space to give the customers the feeling of sitting inside a homestead. This is where the inspiration for “Isibaya”, a Zulu word used for a homestead, came from the project. The interpretation is formed by the inward-facing bench seat that is held on either side of the restaurant with a golden and copper patterned breeze block wall, making the walls of the boma.

Bespoke bricks in shades of gold and copper

The golden and copper crown wall is formed by a series of bespoke breeze blocks laid to mimic an African pattern. Various shades of gold and copper metallic paints finish off the block work. It reflects the richness of the African soil and the abundance of minerals from the land. The washing of warm ambient lighting enhances the front of the wall and behind it.

Every golden brick and knotted rope pendant piece are brought together to create a “tapestry” that tells a full, rich, deep story with many layers and facets along the way. There is a sense of African nostalgia and belonging which the golden richness of the interior walls, lighting and golden textured walls have created and brought to the lakefront.

Look at how The Meat and Wine Co was constructed:

Take a tour:

Pendant installation:

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