A new quick-setting, shrinkage compensated, high-strength cement based adhesive called TAL Tile-to-Tile has been introduced by TAL. The product was developed in response to demand expressed by end-users who want to avoid the mess and expense of chipping up their existing tiles.

The product is designed for fixing tiles onto existing tiles and other smooth and dense surfaces such as powerfloated screeds, and it is suitable for fixing most types of tiles. Tiles can be grouted after 6–8 hours and trafficked 12 hours after installation. It also has a 4-hour pot life and is a complete solution when used in conjunction with the TAL Keymix and TAL Keycoat primer slurry.

The product is available in a 20kg pack size and can be applied in thicknesses between 5mm-12mm and in isolated areas, up to 20mm. For all exterior/exposed and “wet” applications, high traffic areas, areas subject to thermal stresses or temperature changes, or where some flexibility is required, replace the water in the mix with TAL Bond. Alternatively, TAL Bond Powder may be added to the adhesive mixing water.

The TAL Warranty Programme offers a 10-year warranty on any tiling installation, provided TAL issued a Materials and Methods specification for the project that ensures TAL products are used in strict accordance with the specification, the installation is undertaken by a TAL Registered Tiler and monitored by TAL.

For more information, contact Tal on Tel: +27 (86) 000 0825 or via www.tal.co.za.