Perforated ceiling tiles or boards are often used for the purpose of controlling sound energy, but what if a similar performance can be achieved with a simple monolithic finish? 

Saint-Gobain recently launched the Ecophon® Fade Acoustic Plaster system locally. This combination of high-density glasswool panels, finished with a smooth plaster, can be installed directly onto surfaces and suspended from Gypframe® ceiling grids. It allows for finishing straight, curved ceilings, acute angles and arched domes. 

Interior designers and acousticians can design a system that can be repaired with ease, should damage occur and be extended should the need arise. 

Benefits for design 

Materials such as perforated gypsum plasterboard (Rigitone® or Gyptone®) have defined characteristics, which give a visual cue that acoustics are being considered in the ceiling or on the wall. Through its combination of effective acoustic management and neutral visual effect, Ecophon® Fade Acoustic Plaster provides an alternative where the impact is heard but remains unseen.  

Proven results 

The Louvre Museum in central Paris sought to bring best conditions to the 2021 extension of education areas, whilst respecting the signature design of the original areas. Keeping the complex curvature and elegant simplicity of surface would be possible with plasterboard and gypsum plaster, but the acoustic performance would not have aligned with the interior’s usage.  
Saint-Gobain’s Fade® Acoustic Plaster provided the right solution so that the fifth wall (ceiling) continues to seamlessly integrate with the other walls and floors. 

Issue: Visible acoustic devices may interfere with design aesthetic. 
Solution: Locally launched Ecophon® Fade Acoustic Plaster blends into the overall interior, delivering acoustic performance with no visual cues. 


Support for the system is available through the Saint-Gobain Academy in South Africa, with either pre-installation or onsite installation support for installers to familiarise them with the unique combination of glasswool and acoustic plaster. 

For more information, contact Saint-Gobain Construction Products’ head office: 

Tel: +27 12 657 8200 

Website: or 

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