NEW! 5 construction adhesives

by Ofentse Sefolo
NEW! 5 construction adhesives

Bonding has several advantages over mechanical fixing with screws or nails. Not only does the larger fixing area facilitate a more homogeneous and uniform distribution of stress, but application is also simple and safe, and the lifecycle of the bonded materials is longer.

Covering a wide range of applications and substrates, Sika’s new construction adhesive range includes five different adhesives in terms of usage, grab, substrates and strength. Mounting with Sikaflex® even allows bonding on uneven surfaces, and the installations do not affect indoor air quality nor require initial fixing.

• Sikaflex®-111 Stick & Seal has a broad adhesion profile.
• Sikaflex®-112 Crystal Clear is used for transparent bonding.
• Sikaflex®-113 Rapid Cure provides green strength within 20 minutes.
• SikaBond®-115 Strong Fix is ideal for internal decoration work.
• Sikaflex®-118 Extreme Grab bonds heavy objects without any temporary fixing. It bonds most construction materials such as concrete, mortar, natural stone, clinker, ceramic, wood, metals and glass.

All products meet the highest emissions standards and can be used for interior applications.

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