Main image: Solar Netcare Alberton Hospital

Netcare has been recognised with two top awards from the Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC) for its contribution to environmental sustainability. This private healthcare group and its national environmental sustainability manager have subsequently been nominated by the SAEEC for the 2022 regional and international Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Awards.

The 2021 SAEEC Award for Commercial Corporate Company of the Year was awarded to the Netcare Group in recognition of its outstanding contribution to the energy industry. André Nortjé, national environmental sustainability manager at Netcare, received the SAEEC’s Young Professional of the Year Award.

Climate change emergency demands urgency

The SAEEC is the Southern African affiliate of the AEE. “Ongoing innovation in energy efficiency can help to prevent or limit the deleterious effects of climate change in South Africa and across the globe – but only if the corporate sector recognises the urgency and value of investing in sustainability, and if they were to act now,” says Dr Richard Friedland, chief executive officer of Netcare.

Since 2013, Netcare has placed considerable emphasis on improving energy efficiency at its facilities throughout South Africa and has implemented more than 194 environmental sustainability projects.

Continuing to achieve distinctions

Netcare currently has the second biggest installed base of solar photovoltaics (PV) among all private/commercial companies in South Africa. Netcare’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability is evident. Last year, Netcare was the first private healthcare organisation in Africa to pledge support to the United Nations Race to Zero 2050 Initiative.

Netcare has also achieved the distinction of being the only healthcare institution in the world to have won gold medals in all four categories in both the prestigious 2020 and 2021 Healthcare Climate Challenge Awards. The global awards for greenhouse gas reduction (energy), renewable energy, climate resilience and climate leadership solidified the Group’s standing as a worldwide leader in the global community of environmentally conscious healthcare institutions.

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