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by Darren
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South Africa is blessed with a wonderful climate that gives us ideal weather, so we can spend at least nine months of the year outdoors, enjoying the sunlight, the warmth and the natural environment around us.

Of course, with the sunlight and the rain, the exterior elements of a home do take a battering and, from time to time, need to be maintained to keep the home in a pristine condition. There is nothing more unsightly than flaking exterior paint, neglected plaster or stained concrete to greet you as you approach from the road. This type of maintenance is fundamental.

One of the increasingly popular choices for maintaining the exterior of a home and ensuring that it looks great for a sustained period is to use Cemcrete’s range of decorative finishes on exterior vertical surfaces.

Cemcrete has a range of finishes that are not only aesthetically attractive – and available in a wide range of colours – but are easy to use, waterproof, economical and extremely durable.

For the exterior walls, Cemcrete’s most popular options comprise two of its brush-on products, known as CemWash and CemCote.

CemWash is a tinted, waterproof, cement-based material that is applied using a block brush directly onto fair-face bricks, block work, existing plaster or previously painted surfaces.

Because the base is made from Portland cement, CemWash sets to an extremely hard finish that is resistant to ultraviolet degradation, making it exceptionally durable and certainly among the most economical when the normal maintenance costs are taken into account.

The product is supplied in powder form and is mixed on site. It can be used for interior walls as well. When dry it provides a brush plaster, textured finish or bag wash effect that can be manipulated using the brush to create a distinctive textured design.

The earthy mottling of CemWash makes it a particularly hard-wearing coating that actually improves with time.

CemCote is similar to CemWash, but it has a smoother finish that produces a flowing coating over the entire expanse of the vertical wall. CemCote is a finely ground mixture of white Portland cement, pigments and chemicals that combine to create a smooth finish with subtle colour variations.

CemCote, like CemWash, is supplied in powder form and mixed on site so that, once applied, it dries to a rock-hard finish that is smooth rather that stippled. It can be applied directly to plaster, previously painted surfaces, off-shutter concrete or even fair-face bricks. The pigments used in CemCote provide the colours, and the use of Portland cement and various other chemicals help it to last for years once dried.

CemPlaster is another of Cemcrete’s products that offers an exceptional exterior finish. Unlike CemWash and CemCote, the plaster-based product uses a skim-on application process. It is applied using a steel trowel and, once dried, it gives you a natural looking, slightly mottled finish.

CemPlaster is usually applied to a thickness of between 3mm and 5mm and the use of pigments provide the colour. It is waterproof and fibre-reinforced, making the coating resistant to ultraviolet light from the sun. Because it is waterproof, CemPlaster can be used on interior and exterior walls and even in bathrooms and kitchens.

As CemPlaster is a plaster coating, it can be imprinted with a variety of different textures or can even be cut, using an angle grinder, to create an off-shutter concrete look. The fine texture of CemPlaster can be manipulated on the wall to produce special textures that are smooth, scratched or sponged.

The extensive colour range available for CemWash, CemCote or CemPlaster means that the variety and choice are there to meet virtually all the requirements of any discerning homeowner, architect or interior designer.

For design and application ideas, visit Cemcrete’s website at www.cemcrete.co.za or pop into the showroom at 227 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parktown North.

Tel: 0860 CEMCRETE (236 27383)
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