Neat and uncomplicated brick

by Ofentse Sefolo
Neat and uncomplicated brick

Corobrik’s Bergendal Blend Satin face bricks were chosen for their low maintenance and thermal insulation properties, as well as the uncomplicated look inherent in the design of the 01 on Lunar building.For the 01 on Lunar building on the Umhlanga Ridge, project architect Matt Salvesen of TC Design Group wanted a brick that would stand out from the norm. At the end of the day, he opted for some 75 000 of Corobrik’s Bergendal Blend Satin face bricks.

“We needed something that is different from the standard Roan Satin colour brick which has been used predominantly in the precinct. Corobrik’s face brick allowed for a clean, low-maintenance facade which we feel will date very well,” Salvesen explains.

He says that the use of flush joints also added to the simple nature of the facade. This was a key driving factor in the design of the 4 800m² building, which will be used for a tertiary institution and call centre.

“The brickwork is supported at first-floor level simply by a concealed, galvanised metal plate, portraying the feeling of a floating facade. This creates a great, light juxtaposition to the heavy nature of the material itself,” says Salvesen.

Cost-saving benefit
“Besides the notable aesthetics the product brings, its long-term cost-saving aspects ensure that no further maintenance expenses are incurred with regards to plastering and painting,” notes Corobrik’s director of sales for KwaZulu-Natal and the Border, Allin Dangers.

“In the warm, coastal climate, the clay face brick’s inherent thermal properties also mitigate costs by reducing the need for artificial cooling,” he adds. This, together with its sound insulation properties, makes the face brick range a popular choice across the newly developed Umhlanga Ridge.

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Caption: Corobrik’s Bergendal Blend Satin face bricks were used to give the 01 on Lunar building, situated on Umhlanga Ridge, a clean, uncomplicated look.
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