Navigate roof design in 3D with new software

by Ofentse Sefolo
Navigate roof design in 3D with new software

MiTek Industries South Africa will soon launch its new roof-designing software called MiTek PAMIR, which enables quicker estimating capabilities, faster roof-editing tools and a more integrated software environment, specifically designed for modern truss manufacturers.

View & navigate the roof design in 3D

Another feature is the PAMIR Viewer. It is a freely downloadable viewer which can be downloaded and installed on any Windows PC and enables anyone in the supply chain to view the roof model and navigate the roof design in 3D.

Dimensions can be checked and complex areas of the roof can be bookmarked to aid the communication process during the design and installation of the roof.

Previously, only the roof designer had access to the 3D roof model, where with the PAMIR Viewer, anyone involved in a building project can view a 3D model of the roof when necessary.

With PAMIR you can edit truss and building dimensions and watch the roof dynamically reframe.


1. Speed
• Simultaneous wall, plane and framing input
• High speed design to the latest Eurocodes
• Dynamic Framing allows live edits to building geometry with no need to re-input framing
• Import of dwg and pdf files allows for tracing of architects’ drawings, eliminating mistakes and saving huge amounts of time reading dimensions from drawings

2. Accuracy
• Powerful interactive 3D view
• Move one frame from within another with pinpoint accuracy

3. Flexibility
• Extensive settings allow for customisation to user preferences
• Powerful automatic framing works in conjunction with versatile manual editing tools to create any roof or floor design

4. Quality
• Powerful CAD tools enable high quality, multi sheet output
• Dynamic viewports allow for automatic drawing updates with edits
• Free viewer software allows sharing of the digital 3D interactive model
• Mobile viewer allows a 3D model to be sent to anybody with an internet enabled device

The software comprises of more than 760 000 lines of code and has taken 130 man-years of work to complete.

Unique qualities

“With PAMIR you can edit truss and building dimensions and watch the roof dynamically reframe. Whether you are moving walls, adding an attic room, changing the roof pitch or mirroring roof features, PAMIR’s dynamic framing allows you to make any changes required,” says Hennie Viljoen, marketing manager at MiTek Industries South Africa. “PAMIR is the next generation of prefabrication software – more dynamic, more powerful and more versatile than any other software package available,” Viljoen concludes.

MiTek Industries South Africa
Tel: 011 237 8700
Website: www.mitek.co.za

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