Natural fibres deliver performance

by Tania Wannenburg
Rebtex Jnl 3 15

Sisal fibres offer an array of beautiful colours to ranges of durable floor tiles, which have passed several stringent quality tests.

When it comes to selecting a carpet tile, it would be wise to take a look at Rebtex Sisal carpet tiles.

For several years, sisal fibre has established its position as one of the most durable natural fibres available in the industry! It was therefore inevitable that the option of a carpet tile made from sisal fibre would become available. See the facts below:

•    The Rebtex Sisal carpet tile is compliant in all 14 categories of the USA Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Plus Programme. This test program measures how Green the product is.

•    The SABS appearance retention test (SANS1375:2012) produced the highest results (level 4 -5 ) after 22 000 revolutions in the Vetterman drum. After a staggering 25 000 revolutions under the castor wheel test a “no visible damage” result was reported.

•    Rebtex Sisal carpet tiles are non-static.

•    Rebtex Sisal carpet tiles are supplied with the unique Rebtex Fibregard protection system.

•    Rebtex Sisal carpet tiles are supplied with a post-industrial recycled fly ash and bitumen backing manufactured by Van Dyck.

•    Rebtex Sisal carpet tiles are available in a range of beautiful colours and weaves that express the full beauty of natural fibres, no biomimicry required.

Rebtex natural carpets is changing the world one carpet at a time.

Rebtex Sisal carpets are manufactured in South Africa.

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