Natural design flooring for demanding applications

by Madelein
Natural design flooring for demanding applications

The wood-based materials manufacturer EGGER has managed to combine a natural, wood-based floor with the properties of a plastic-based design floor. Through the addition to the product portfolio of a high-performance product that can be used commercially, the family business has highlighted its reputation as a full-range supplier of wood-based flooring solutions, built up over several generations.

The flooring evolution, which is the result of two decades of experience in flooring production, is perfect in areas where floors are required to stand up to stress whilst remaining visually attractive. A double sealed, high-density, wood-based coreboard is the core of the product’s new design. The Ultra Wood Fibre Board (UWF) ensures high shape stability and even temperature fluctuations leave the floor unaffected. With a material thickness of just 5mm, authentic decors and surfaces, excellent maintenance characteristics, and high resistance – this flooring is particularly well-suited for public and commercial use.

EGGER Design+ Flooring may be installed as floating flooring or glued full-surface, depending on the application. It is ideal for wet rooms, shops, offices and work rooms, hotels, bars and restaurants, as well as galleries, doctor’s practices and pharmacies. The environmentally-friendly, innovative floor is based on wood and is 100% free of PVC and plasticisers. If there are surface deformations, for example the marks of furniture feet, the molecules pushed in the given place “remember” their initial position and return to it fairly soon. This Self-Repair effect ensures that the floor looks new again. It is also robust, easy-care, moisture-resistant, lightfast, anti-slip and the perfect choice for shopfitting.

For more information, contact Egger via www.egger.com.

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