Multipurpose ceiling boards in a size that makes sense

by Tania Wannenburg

The demand for a standardised, 1m wide multipurpose ceiling board is growing.

Pelican Systems launched an industry first 1m wide multipurpose ceiling board in 2013. Despite the challenge of a well-established market of 900mm and 1 200mm widths, the sales volume of the 8mm x 1m Tapered Edge JUMBO Boards totalled 253 000m² in February 2015.

What makes this product unique?
It is the…
•    First metric plasterboard distributed in South Africa.
•    First thin board manufactured with a tapered edge.
•    First multipurpose plasterboard in the industry.
•    First full skimmed ceiling board to be fixed at 500mm centres.

Why bring a 1m board to the local ceiling market?
South Africa converted to a metric measurement system more than 40 years ago and yet the market is still dominated by 900mm and 1 200mm wide boards, adopted from 3ft and 4ft imperial measurements.

The 1m wide board gives one standard option in a truly metric size, and huge savings can be made by manufacturing and stocking less of a product range. In addition, the standardisation of one width simplifies material take-off and ordering, which in turn improves on-site efficiency and reduces wastage.

Why does the 8mm board have a tapered edge?
With a tapered edge, the finish can either be a taped and jointed ceiling or one with a full skim. The tapered edge also facilitates the board being used for bulkhead construction. If a wide cover strip is used to cover the paper-fold mark on the underside of the board, the 8mm board can also be used in an application that would normally use an H-strip.

Is it possible to use one product for all ceiling applications?
Yes, instead of ordering a 6.4, 7, 9 or a 9.5mm ceiling board, the 8mm JUMBO TE board can be used for all fixed ceiling applications including flush plaster grid, steel and timber brandering and bulkhead construction.

While it would make sense to convert to only one thickness of ceiling board, being 8mm x 1,0m, thereby simplifying the ceiling board space from about 12 SKUs to 2 SKUs, the local ceiling industry is hesitant. Therefore Pelican Systems has also made a 7mm square edge board available in 1m widths.

Why change?
This ground breaking product, a vision Pelican Systems founder, Rodney Gould, has proved its potential for success. Gould, who is passionate about the building industry, believes that this innovation for metric ceiling boards creates benefits for all role-players in the industry, including the architects, quantity surveyors, distributors, merchants, developers, ceiling contractors and installers, as well as the customer through savings in time, money and waste.

Problem-solving properties:
For contractors
•    Simplified material take-off and ordering process saves time and errors.
•    Improved truck utilisation since 1m boards lie flat in the bin of most bakkies.
•    Easier on-site planning, handling and storage.
•    Reduced labour required for on-site installation.
•    Boards are marked for correct screw placement.
•    Less material is used (fixed at 500 centres).
•    Less on-site waste due to re-useable off-cuts (environmentally friendly).
•    Less breakages and damage from easier handling and storage.

For distributors and merchants
•    All ceiling systems can be supplied with fewer SKU items.
•    Improved export/import – better utilisation of container space with all boards able to lie flat in the container.
•    Stocked on steel Easy-Mover pallets with 100 units per pallet, operations and logistics are improved.
•    Improved warehouse utilisation and rental savings.
•    Reduced breakages and damage from easier handling and storage.

Pelican Systems
Tel: 031 563 7307
Website: www.pelican.co.za

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