Multi-functional adhesive ideal for LVTs

by Darren
Smoothedge multi functional adhesive ideal for LVTs Jnl 5 16

Smoothedge’s Supertac adhesive is suitable for most floorcoverings, & have been tested as working flawlessly with LVTs.

Smoothedge has been manufacturing adhesives and flooring accessories for over 50 years and regard themselves a leader in the field. With the growing trend in stick down LVT flooring products, the need for an easy to use, mess-free adhesive is becoming an essential tool for any fitter.

Supertac was developed many years ago, primarily to solve the challenge of installing needle punch carpeting in the cold winter months. Supertac is a high solids, high grab, low VOC adhesive suitable for most types of floorcoverings.

In the last few years, Smoothedge has tested it extensively with various LVT products and has had a 100% success rate on them. Using Supertac with LVTs means it can be laid into after a flash period i.e. the adhesive is semi dry and will stay under the floor and not seep up through the joints, which can lead to unnecessary cleaning after the installation.

Once the planks have been laid it is essential to roll the floor after every three or four rows have been laid to ensure correct adhesion between the subfloor and the planks. Supertac provides an instant grab, but can still allow for slight movement should the planks be laid incorrectly. Wet set fitting is also possible with this product, making it a preferred choice for many fitters.

All Smoothedge adhesives carry an insurance backed guarantee against failure provided that the correct installation instructions have been followed.

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