Movement Joints that service several needs

by Darren
Kirk Jnl 5 15

Placing the emphasis on using specific floor joints that can withstand specific movements, and when to make use of a different joint.

Offering a range of locally manufactured and price-sensitive structural movement floor joints and covers that take movement of roughly 5mm (10mm maximum), M.Trim recommend that their Vexcolt range of products be used should any movement be greater than this amount.

The M.Trim range also allows for screeded, tiled floors and power-floated slabs while retrofit joints and covers can be used for refurbishment of existing floors.

M.Trim offers structural covers that are available for both floors and walls. The floor covers are available in two widths, viz. 76mm and 106mm, and can be fixed with SClips, or screw-fixed, depending on the joint widths and expected loading.  

M.Trim usually recommend the use of butyl tape on the actual floor covers, reducing the sound of traffic over the cover while adding resistance to liquid ingress below the cover. Furthermore, their aluminium floor and wall covers are anodised in matt silver, but can be anodised to any colour as per M.Trim’s anodised colour chart and powder coating options.

M.Trim are proud of the fact that they can custom design covers of any dimension in stainless steel, they are currently available in 40mm and 75mm widths and is 1,6mm thick. Their aluminium structural joints have two types of flexible PVC infills – the smooth hospital infill and the V-notched standard infill. Their 39mm-deep joint is used with screeded floors and the 13mm- and 17mm-deep joints are used for power-floated slabs and are dependent on the thickness of the tile used on the floor. Lastly, M.Trim’s retrofit structural joint can be used for refurbishments.

With such a broad range of product offerings available, M.Trim is able to provide the flooring industry with a plethora of options that can be specified even before the commencement of an installation.

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