Using 16 colours of Venetian glass, various metal inlays and 30 different mosaic patterns in nearly 100 natural stones, Mosaïque Surface’s French Quarter Collection brings together four themes inspired by the luxurious interiors of yesteryear.

The first theme, “American Bistro”, transpires into ageless trendsetting mosaic patterns, reminding of century-old restaurant floors and table-top linens from American restaurants.

On the waterfront, dancing wavelets deliver a sense of calm and blissfulness. Watery patterns, through a careful material assignment and bespoke design, are energised in the second “Gulf’s Shores” theme.

Celestine, French Quarter Collection. Courtesy of Mosaïque Surface


Third, the “Architectural Preservation” theme pays tribute to the artistic, contextual and informative values of the French Quarter’s cultural heritage.

Finally, the “Garden District” theme savours some of America’s best-preserved historic mansions, beautifully adorned with a multitude of flowers and gardens, enough to beautify any home, old or new.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to Mosaïque Surface and v2com for the information and photo’s provided. For more, visit

Main image: Magnolia Buds, French Quarter Collection.
Courtesy of Mosaïque Surface



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