Mosaics in all its glory

by Darren
Mosaics in all its glory

A beautiful mosaic installation showcases the unique application techniques that can be used to achieve timeless floors.

Located in the historical city of Budapest, Hungary, the Prestige Hotel has reopened after significant renovations in order to make it more luxurious and fashionable. The primary goal is to welcome guests from around the world to a place where they can relax, dine and work in comfort.

This “new” hotel brings with it sophisticated and elegant Sicis Mosaics that cover the floors and walls in order to create a classy ambience. Sicis Atelier is the creator of these mosaics that have resulted in the enchanting new look and feel within the Prestige Hotel.

Sicis consists of a factory of talented mosaic experts and glassmakers that create and re-interpret the culture of the mosaic art that belongs to Ravenna, Italy. This historic district boasts a unique collection of early Chistian mosaics, and Sicis invokes the memory of this era through the clever use of these products in its portfolio.

The company has continued to evolve and has achieved the unique techniques of artistic mosaic, marble and stone mosaic on an industrial base/surface. Going beyond the creation of its products, Sicis Atelier continues to create new technologies and markets.

Majestic Mosaics
Upon entry into the Presitige Hotel, gold clouds appear in the background of the lobby to provide a timeless sophistication with patterns recalling a theme that is famous in oriental cultures – the lotus flower, considered a lucky charm that brings serenity.
The decorations are entirely made by mosaic experts who cut and place single tesserae to form precious motifs and patterns. Tesserae are small blocks of stone, tile, glass, or other materials used in the construction of mosaic designs and/or patterns.

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