More options for small waterproofing projects

by Darren
More options for

Waterproofing kit is now available in a smaller size and two new colours.


Meant for minor waterproofing jobs and DIY projects, Sika has launched new colours in its RainTite kit, and made the product available in a smaller one-litre size.

Previously only available as the RainTite five-litre kit, supplied with a free 10m x 200mm roll of membrane, the new Sika RainTite one-litre kit is perfect for treating smaller areas as an add-on to the company’s waterproofing basket.

It is also used in conjunction with a Sika RainTite membrane to form a durable and flexible waterproofing system, and can be used to waterproof flashings, parapet walls and ceiling joints, as well as laps and roofing screws on corrugated roofs.

It is simply brush or roller applied in a generous amount to a clean, sound surface. While still wet, the membrane is embedded in the base coat, and air pockets and creases are smoothed out with overlaps of adjacent membrane overlapping by a minimum of 50mm. A second coat is applied immediately, while the base coat is still wet in order to fully saturate the membrane on both sides. When touch-dry, the final top coat can be applied and the system must be protected from rain until it is completely dry.

Sika RainTite characteristics include:
• UV resistance.
• Easy application.
• Economic.
• Vapour permeability.
• Excellent adhesion.


Due to customer demand, Sika has introduced two new colours – burgundy and black. By adding these new shades, the range now offers a kaleidoscope of colours to match almost any roof colour.

Both the Sika RainTite five-litre kit and one-litre kit add-on are now available in nine different colours: charcoal, grey, green, terracotta, red, white, brown, burgundy and black.

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