Mopping Technology

by Tania Wannenburg
Numatic Jnl 6 15

The advanced technology used in a mopping product ensures a variety of unique benefits for the flooring industry to serve the needs of the end user.

The compact design of the MidMop provides a ‘go anywhere’ twin-bucket mopping system that is always on hand and able to be used anywhere. Its internal water discharge diverter keeps water clean, as dirty water is simply diverted to the 16-litre red dirty bucket.

The 5-litre swing bucket can be added to carry those extra cleaning essentials in order to create a versatile cleaning system. In addition, its unique on-board mop storage keeps everything neat and tidy when in transit and when stored.

“Suitable for Kentucky or flat mops, the MidMop is ready to work,” states Numatic International. “Access to both buckets is easy whichever mop you choose to use.”

Its professional specification and design have resulted in robust construction, manoeuvrability and ease of use for the operator. “Furthermore, the patented Allmops press provides the best in professional mopping, allowing convenient access to the clean and dirty water buckets,” highlights Numatic International. “The Allmops press pressure plate design is suitable for all types of mops.”

With regards to performance, the MidMop is designed for ease of use, greater floor surface coverage and, being reversible, the unit has the unique advantage of being able to be used from both sides, resulting in greater efficiency.

In addition to the above, a range of accessories allow the MidMop to be specified according to the type of environment it will be used in and the needs of the user.

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