Moisture-triggered chemistry added to iconic building

by Tania Wannenburg
Moisture triggered chemistry

Iconic BMW building completed with Sika’s high-performance products.

Three high-performance products from Sika’s Moisture-Triggered Chemistry (MTC) range were specified for the completion of the newly renovated BMW office building contracted to Barrow Construction. Situated on New Road, Midrand, this completely circular structure has become an iconic landmark.

Sikalastic-601 BC (base coat) and Sikalastic-621 TC (top coat) were applied to the exposed concrete flat roof of approximately 900m2, while Sikafloor-405 was used in all the air-conditioning plant rooms, covering an area of approximately 300m2.

Both Sikalastic-601 BC and Sikalastic-621 TC are cold-applied, one-component, moisture-triggered polyurethane coatings designed for easy application. Their fast curing ability provides rapid resistance to rain damage, while their high elasticity provides a crack bridging, seamless waterproofing roof membrane. In addition, they are vapour permeable with strong resistance to common atmospheric chemicals and both emit low odour during application. Sikalastic-621 TC is also ultraviolet (UV) stable.

These products are ideally suited for use on roofs that display complex detail areas, even when accessibility is limited. What’s more, they provide a cost-efficient lifecycle extension for failing roofs and their reflective qualities enhance energy efficiency by reducing cooling costs.

Working to a tight time schedule, sub-contractors Quake Seal applied Sikalastic-601 BC as a base coat on all the plant room floors, after which Sikafloor-405 was applied as a topcoat.

Sikafloor-405 is a one-component, pigmented, polyurethane resin coating with moisture-triggered curing. It is highly elastic with excellent adhesion ability and its crack bridging and UV-resistant properties make it an ideal waterproofing product for numerous interior and exterior applications. Furthermore, it is resilient against abrasion, slip-resistant and suitable for coating concrete, cementitious screed substrates as well as tiles.

Heavy rains challenged the project for almost an entire month. However, thanks to the efficacy of Sika’s world-renowned products and a unique timing schedule, the project was completed well within the stipulated time frame.

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