Moisture-resistant laminate flooring

by Madelein
Moisture-resistant laminate flooring

EGGER’s popular PRO Aqua+ Floors feature the latest ceramic and woodgrain decors and open up new ways of installing laminate in rooms with increased moisture.

The innovative EGGER Aqua+ laminate flooring is up to five times more resistant to water swelling than standard laminate floors. This is thanks to a specially developed high density fibre (HDF) core board which is also powerful enough to reduce the risk of warping if the environmental conditions change in the interior.

The EGGER PRO Aqua+ Floors are versatile in that they can be used anywhere indoors, both in residential and commercial areas, including bathrooms, retail spaces, offices and more.

Furthermore, it is also possible to find waterproof skirting in matching decors, along with sealer, moisture barrier underlay and mats, to ensure maximum water-resistance and a world-class quality and uniform finish.

It’s not only the features of the new EGGER flooring that has people talking – it’s the laminate flooring’s aesthetics too. Design experts at EGGER have travelled around the world to source the latest texture and decor trends as inspiration for the current Aqua+ range, making the EGGER PRO Aqua+ Floors beauty and functionality all in one.

For more information, contact EGGER via www.egger.com.

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