A modular floor that retains its looks

by Darren
Monn Jnl 4 15

Just a few of the several trends that inspired the launch of a locally produced soft floorcovering that will retain its beauty for several years to come.

International flooring trends have showcased a number of new, non-traditional carpet tile modules.  These modules have steadily gained favour in both European and US markets. Recognising these trends, MONN launched the first locally manufactured soft floorcovering that features a slender dimensional module – MONN Planc.

Initially introduced in February 2015, MONN Planc features a dense, loop-pile construction with timber-like features. According to Pieter Nouwens, the creator of MONN Planc, the design objective was to provide a soft floorcovering which, though the extensive use of colour and texture, could create a floor space that closely emulates the beauty and sophistication of a hardwood floor, while providing the functional benefits of a carpet. The various colours of the basic colour pallet, which feature a number of earthy tones, can be combined to form a floor space with even greater visual interest.  

The rectangular module size of 250mm x 1 000mm allows for additional installation flexibility in terms of design and fitting patterns, due to the fact that a number of alternative laying methods, such as herringbone or basketweave pattern, can be incorporated into the floor space.

Adding to this, MONN recently complemented the existing range with a selection of opulently coloured, accent tile modules. These modules allow for the creation of a floor space with added dynamic and contemporary appeal. Contemporary design elements can be created within the floor space for either aesthetic or functional purposes.  For this reason, these accent modules, which feature a linear design, are of compatible specification to other MONN Planc modules and can be incorporated without any challenges or concerns.

With packed quantities of only 3m² in a variety of colours, the opportunity to explore the design flexibility provided by MONN Planc can be enjoyed by installations of any size.

On the technical front, great effort has been made to create a modular floorcovering that will retain its exquisite looks long after it has been installed. All accent and base-coloured carpet tiles make use of Aquafil Alto Chroma Nylon 6 yarns for face fibre, providing enhanced stain and soiling resistance. All stability and VOC compliance requirements are also met and as a result MONN Planc firmly believes that its product offerings are a sound choice for demanding commercial installations.

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