Modern Ceiling solutions for every need

by Zuerita
Modern Ceiling solutions for every need

With the advent of L.E.D. and other lighting systems, ceilings are becoming dramatic features in all types of buildings whether in a mall, office or home, designers use of direct and especially indirect lighting has become very important in setting the mood and appearance of a space. Capco has developed several feature sections to facilitate this trend and make it easier and less time consuming to create these features whilst improving their stability and accuracy.
Recent additions to the SIGMA range are as follows:

1.    Radiused Light Trough 90mm – Registered Design Rights Pending – A2017/01480 & F2017/01481
This is a half rounded light trough with a hidden and angled shelf for an L.E.D. strip that shines indirectly into a room by being reflected off the semi-circular profile. The section can be used in one straight line with end plates or mitred into squares or rectangles. It has alignment plates to keep it perfectly straight and special brackets inside and outside to keep mitres true and precise.

2.    Recessed light trough with diffuser 50mm & 30mm – Registered Design Rights Pending – F2017/01479
Many shapes of surface mounted L.E.D. profiles are available, but Capco’s Sigma profile is incorporated into the ceiling structure with ease. Flush plastering is achieved flush with the ceiling and only the clip-in diffuser is seen. Ceiling contractors are enjoying fitting this product because it has all the features necessary to integrate into a concealed inverted tee system.

3.    Variable drapery pockets.
These sections are designed to facilitate all types of curtains, drapers and blinds in variable configurations from manual to automatic remote controlled drapes.
They measure 150 & 200mm in depth and facilitate variable widths from the wall or window from 150-450mm. The product is secure and allows for the weight of the drapes and mechanisms. Also with alignment plates and mitreing brackets.

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