Mitsubishi Electric, which is at the forefront of air-conditioning innovation and design since 1954, is the only air-conditioning manufacturer to perfect the two-pipe heat recovery technology and has been a market leader ever since. They have recently introduced their new Chilled Water Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system to the global market.

Continuous research for new innovations

They are continually doing research and development to ensure that their air-conditioning systems are efficient and are environmentally safe. With their new Chilled Water Hybrid VRF system, they reduce the reliance on Freon gasses by up to 65% with this innovative technology, thus replacing a large portion of the temperature control via water source instead of refrigerant and its damaging global warming potential. 

Legislation to reduce reliance on Freon gasses

This new innovation has been a huge success in many projects, particularly in Europe and Asia, where strong legislation has been adopted to reduce the reliance on Freon gasses.

Besides the obvious global warming potential (GWP) benefits, the reduction of refrigerant within in an occupied space (hotels, hospitals and commercial entities) plays an important role.

Freon is a toxic substance and must be carefully considered and adhered to with the installation of air-conditioning systems. VRF systems will use a lot of Freon refrigerant due to the sizes of some systems that cover a vast area within an application. Therefore, the volume of refrigerant required to ensure comfort within a given space on a traditional VRF system can be significant.

Reducing the impact

With the reduction of 65% of the total volume of refrigerant, the impact on the overall risk of the facility is significantly reduced. With traditional VRF applications the need for refrigerant sensors to alarm and thus mitigate the risk to occupants of potential leaks must be considered. These early warning systems are very expensive, so by removing this cost and the knowledge that if there is a leak on a Hybrid VRF only water will be the result will be a benefit to the client over the long term.

For more information, contact Mitsubishi Electric:
Tel: +27 11 830 2080

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