Main image: 39kg mirror with Mirrorfix-MS adhesive applicated correctly

Den Braven Mirrorfix-MS is a unique, high-strength, one-component adhesive formulated for adhering mirrors on surfaces such as ceramic tiles, concrete, plaster, metals and painted surfaces.

Ensure correct application

Small mirror with evenly spaced adhesive applied

Correct application is essential: Apply to the back of the mirror by spacing vertical beads of Mirrorfix-MS approximately 10cm apart. The vertical beads give a space of 2-3mm between the wall and the mirror, ensuring there is no accumulation of condensation and water at the back of the mirror, for moisture evaporation and absorption movement of the wall and mirror.

Mirrorfix-MS will not affect the silvering of mirrors and can be used for bonding decorative tiles and acoustic tiles. If the edges or joints of the mirror need to be sealed, wait for one week. Complete cure and maximum strength take five to seven days.

Advantages of Mirrorfix-MS

Supporting environmentally friendly products, this adhesive is the one to have. Advantages include:

  • Mirrorfix-MS is environmentally friendly – free from solvents, silicones and isocyanates.
  • Conforms to South African Green Building Standards.
  • Neutral curing, almost odourless.
  • Due to extremely high grip strength, extra support is rarely needed.

For more information, contact Den Braven SA:
Tel: +27 11 792 3830

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