Minimise customer complaints with these tips

by Tania Wannenburg
Minimise customer complaints with these tips

What steps can the flooring contractor take to ensure customer satisfaction? iTe Products explains.Many English expressions apply to the built environment: “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and “sweeping our mistakes under the carpet”, for example, can draw our attention to the fact that we often do not know what lies behind the façade or superficial outward appearances of circumstances.

In the local flooring industry, proper attention to detail when creating exactly the right substrate onto which floorcoverings are to be installed, is often overlooked. This type of attention to detail can be seen as an extra, time-consuming expense, which is why people skimp on this part of the installation. Customers have become aware of this dilemma which has led to many architects specifying the most appropriate sub-floor preparation in their bills of quantities. This means that these very common shortcomings are being seen, addressed and provided for, and quotations and tenders are now done with the best end product being visualised.

Some of the most common sources of flooring failures include moisture, large temperature fluctuations, poor workmanship and adhesive incompatibility. The majority of complaints from customers that aren’t related to the aforementioned issues relate to poor screed preparation, poor fitting, poor product performance due to bad advice and lack of customer support by the contractor. If a contractor is mindful of these potential pitfalls, then customer complaints will be minimised.

According to iTe Products, these are the steps that flooring contractors can take to ensure that customers are satisfied with the end result:

Taking careful consideration of the customer’s needs and desires regarding design, function and appearance, matched with what is appropriate for the site conditions.

Making a careful site evaluation relating to screed condition, moisture and available time for preparation and installation.

Careful selection of the most suitable preparation products for the circumstances, starting with the moisture barrier; patching of holes in the screed; investing in the best self-leveller for the application and the most suitable adhesive for the project.

Given the essential need for balance and compatibility of each of the individual components used in the system, the ideal solution is to use products which give optimal performance, sourced from the same manufacturer. This ensures that any form of failure rests with one party, rather than the common pointing of fingers at individual suppliers of components. Manufacturers of the performing components making up the system are best placed to guarantee performance deliverables that are cost effective and user-friendly.

iTe Products can guarantee quality results to give contractors peace of mind.

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