4 Mindsets define trends

by Darren
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Associating with trends through four mindsets that identify lifestyle choices.

At the recent DOMOTEX Hannover Expo in Germany, Liezel van der Merwe, Managing Editor of FLOORS in Africa Magazine, was introduced to a beautiful display/gallery which rather interestingly demarcated four very unique, but very different interior settings.

Inquisitive to find out what these displays meant, Liezel spoke with Mimi Lamote, Chief Marketing Officer at Beaulieu International Group. “In close connection with our product development teams, we’re scanning the globe for emerging trends in customer lifestyle and preferences,” Mimi explains. “Based on the findings of several trend watchers, we defined four key mindsets. These four mindsets show us how customers relate to their own interior.”

She goes on to say that they are well aware that customers choose their floors and floor designs not only on the basis of functionality – there is also an emotional side that impacts the decision making process. “That is where these mindsets come in to help us discover and develop new collections, textures and patterns, Mimi continues.

Mimi introduces Liezel to these mindsets by unveiling a gallery that matches the interior of each one.

Sense (Simple and Cosy)
Colour Palette – light pastels, from butter yellow, peach to water green.

“Those who fall in this category are opposite of the glam mindset,” Mimi says. “They are committed to simplicity and have grown tired of over consumption. These consumers purchase quality items; few pieces and their interiors must be light and airy. This new type of minimalism distinguishes itself by adopting a very light, playful feeling.”

These interiors have a pure, toned down style and are characterised by the use of honest materials and minimal ornamentation. Muted pastel tones, beige and grey play a major role. A neutral, light oak floor is ideal, so is a white floor, while accessories in pastel tones complete the look.

Source (Warm and Cosy)
Colour Palette – sand and clay colours, complemented with soft pink and off-white.

“Everything about this mindset revolves around one word: authenticity,” states Mimi. “The Internet is everywhere but being online constantly has its limits. Sometimes we want to escape the digital world and do things with our hands and experiment. Our reaction to this is to consciously choose non-digital experiences. We long for the tactile and we want to stimulate our senses. We seek concentration and focus because we want to organise our thoughts.”

Handmade carpets on a weathered floor, genuine antiques or other accessories in natural elements complete this look.

Bloom (Bringing the outdoors indoors)
Colour Palette – Colours are inspired by a colourful garden. From sunny yellow over fuchsia to purple. Shades of green are combined with bright orange and ocean blue.

According to Mimi, these consumers want to get in touch with nature. It is considered contemporary housing, where the line between indoors and outdoors is blurring. People bring plants and flowers into their homes, and these flashy colours most certainly appeal to a lot of younger people. People want to bring the green of nature into their homes.

“Choose floors with bold colours or graphical designs,” Mimi advises. “They ensure that your home looks completely contemporary and does not create an old-fashioned looking interior,” she adds.

Glam (Luxury/Richness)
Colour Palette – Metallic gold and bronze tints, flame red and orange, complemented by deep blue, green-grey and black.

“There are people who are very rich and can spend, but then there are also people who say there is a financial crisis, we have lost a lot of money, so we want to enjoy what we have now,” states Mimi. “We want to enjoy life without feeling guilty. Anything elaborate, baroque or over the top is becoming hip again. If you want your home to look dazzling, choose a bronze or dark anthracite floor. Even black woods and tiles can work. Think of it as jewellery for the room.

What a truly inspiring way of associating with trends by connecting with a specific lifestyle as portrayed by these four mindsets.

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