Microsoft upgrades – To custom carpets

by Tania Wannenburg
Belgotex Microsoft_Jnl1.14

The Microsoft Head Office in Bryanston, north of Johannesburg, recently upgraded their carpet tiles to a tailor-made “scribbly” design. The carpets, which were supplied by Belgotex commercial’s Custom-X programme, reflect the energy and bustling hi-tech business environment with which the IT giant has become synonymous.

Keeping in mind Microsoft’s reputation for constant innovation, technological advancement and high-speed customer service, the challenge was to marry the aesthetic demands of a stylish, progressive interior with critical performance criteria including low electrostatic propensity, extreme durability and easy maintenance. The client also wanted something unique and colourful in order to reflect its corporate identity and internationally renowned brand.

The team at Belgotex was chosen as the perfect partner to develop a range tailored to exact specifications. Belgotex Commercial’s flexible Custom-X programme allowed the client to experiment with both the design element and/or the construction of the carpet to produce a range to their satisfaction.

The creative designers at the Belgotex factory in Pietermaritzburg presented Microsoft with a number of designs and options. Microsoft was completely sold on the low-maintenance warmth and comfort of carpeting, coupled with its added acoustic and insulation benefits. The client finally selected an artistic “Scribbly” design in a two-tone combination of shades of dove and gunmetal grey.

The carpets that Belgotex supplied were made from Stainproof SDX yarn, which is perfect for ease of installation and ease of maintenance while still offering the stylish durability with supreme stain resistance that clients have come to expect from Belgotex carpets. The yarn passed the GBCSA (Green Building Council of South Africa) and GLP (Green Label Plus) tests for low VOC levels. This accreditation ensures that the carpets won’t exude any undesirable odours or smells typical of new  carpet installations; in fact, the carpets will help improve the indoor air quality by trapping airborne dust and allergens. In addition, the carpeting will also reduce “white noise” for a quiet, professional ambience.

Installed by Pinnacle Flooring, a customer of Carpet Brokers, these tufted multi-scroll loop-pile tiles are ideal for the fast-paced super highway of the Microsoft office. Not only are they suitable for heavy commercial applications with extremely high footfalls – which is often necessary for a company with this many employees, partners and clients – but they also boast an electrostatic propensity of less than 2.0kV in line with ISO 6356 and EN 1307 standards, a critical factor in this particular industry.

The 50x50cm tiles were installed in stages throughout the building, ensuring minimal disruption to productivity during working hours. The interchangeable tiles ensure worn or damaged areas can be easily replaced when necessary.

The creative lighting and projectors used throughout the reception area and audiovisual centre lend further energy and colour to the design, while the colourfast characteristics of the SDX yarn ensure that the tiles will not fade in sunlight or when cleaned with harsh bleaches or cleaning agents.

For further information please call 033 897 7500 / www.belgotexfloorcoverings.com

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