Metatrends from Neocon 2016

by Darren
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Neocon is one of the most recognised design shows.

Here are some of the metatrends from this year’s show. Neocon 2016 has evolved into one of the most recognised and attended trade shows for commercial design and business trends. Huffington Post recently spoke to Design Principal at Gensler, Todd Heiser, about the most significant metatrends at this year’s event.

Collaboration and focused work

In office environments, people need to collaborate with each other as well as focus on their individual work. Todd says that one of the latest trends is the use of compelling workspaces that help people to focus and collaborate better.

“I was blown away by Knoll with their Rockwell collection and the ability it gives individuals to focus, collaborate and socialise. We saw how people could curate their day through a series of settings. There is some amazing thinking on how in the open plan, people are able to concentrate and go into these retreats that allow them to have a little more privacy,” said Todd.

Architectural elements are replacing furniture

Companies require more flexible office space and with business office leases getting shorter, many manufacturers are replacing traditional architectural elements with furniture pieces.

“Certain pieces of furniture are acting as a replacement for architecture. Some of our clients simply do not want to invest in architectural changes when things are changing at such a rapid pace,” says Todd, adding that furniture will never completely replace architecture.

Workspaces are getting more vibrant

For many years, office environments appeared quite sterile, but now many designers and manufacturers are bringing colour back into workspaces. Almost any design element can be customised, which is opening doors for designers and clients to experiment with bold colours, splashes and textures for a one-of-a-kind look.

“Many manufacturers are embracing colour that people seem to have been afraid of for a while,” said Todd.

Offices are more customised and focused on wellness

Wellness has been a focus point for a few years, but this year it is being taken a step further in new, fun ways. Many manufacturers at Neocon showcased height adjustable elements that can be included in workstation spaces. There were also a few interesting ideas around seating, exposing workers to more natural light as well as including more plants indoors.

“We are seeing height adjustability infiltrate all components of the office. There is even height adjustability in conference tables, giving workers a wide range of postures,” says Todd.

A focus on luxury

Todd noted a larger focus on luxury this year. Instead of stock-standard tiles, many manufacturers were showcasing homemade, luxury tiles for office environments.

“I see hints that luxury is re-entering the workplace. Maharam, for example, launched a spectacular leather collection this year and Teknion is investing in B&B Italia. Haworth now owns Cappellini and Frau. This, to me, indicates that there is space for luxury in the workplace. In a really interesting way, it is sending a subliminal message that people are valued, and that there is still a permanence about these spaces. That is a truly great message,” concludes Todd.

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