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Metal roofs: Providing a thermally effective solution

by Darren
Metal roofs

Sally Stromnes of the Safintra Group explains how metal sheeting can provide a thermally effective roofing system.


A well designed and installed roofing system is a critical component of a building’s durability, sustainability and serviceability. Sally Stromnes, Marketing Manager of the Safintra Group, explains how metal sheeting can provide a thermally effective and durable roofing system.

Because metal sheeting is installed in continuous lengths with sealed end and side laps, it creates a roof cavity that doesn’t leak air. Beneath the roof cladding, an air gap is created that retards heat intake in summer and cold intake in winter.

The addition of insulation materials further enhances the effectiveness of the roof cavity in regulating temperature. A vapour barrier and an insulation blanket of approximately 100mm (at full loft) will provide further saving on heating and cooling bills in a year. “This makes a metal roof more thermally effective when comparing it to other roofing materials installed with insulation” says Stromnes.

“Metal roofing therefore performs in accordance with SANS 10400 XA legislation which recognises not only sustainability, but also seeks to dramatically reduce energy usage within the built environment,” adds Stromnes.

When it comes to mounting thermal and photovoltaic systems on roof tops, metal roofing is also an ideal choice as it provides a substrate that is both rigid and structural.

Minimising roofing maintenance costs
All roofing system components should ideally have a similar warranty period to ensure that maintenance on isolated parts of the system is minimised during its useful life.

“It is costly to dismantle systems to replace small and usually fairly inexpensive components in a 10 year old roof. Safintra metal roofs, their warranted Fixtite fasteners and their S-5 clamps will give you a working system of 20 years and more, which parallels the expected service life of good quality solar panels. 

This provides a maintenance-light roof system with 20 year maintenance cost savings far in excess of the initial cost saving on cheaper but shorter-lived components at installation stage,” concludes Stromnes.

Safintra is the sole African distributor for the internationally renowned S-5 brand of clamps and brackets, which have been used in field service for over three decades (and counting). These clamps and brackets securely fix to the metal roof seams to secure a variety of rooftop attachments, from walkways and service ramps to signage and ducting, without retarding the drainage or weatherproof performance of the roof sheeting.

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