Merging tradition and innovation

by Ofentse Sefolo
Merging tradition and innovation

A new vision of work shapes the life and architecture of Pharos, an important office building in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam, developed over a total area of about 25 thousand square metres.

Overlooking Schiphol International Airport and next to Hoofddorp train station, Pharos has been renovated by COARE Architectuur&Realisatie of Amsterdam, to align with the most modern standards of sustainability and the circular economy.

The newly renovated building featuring a 19-storey skyscraper and a 6-storey structure has resulted in a space where work and life are in perfect balance. The modern architectural design delivers a new space fostering a healthy and stimulating environment, which allows the professionals who frequent it to maximise their performance.

Features for the futuristics offices
State-of-the-art technologies, flexible and modular spaces, internal green areas as public meeting places, catering facilities, modern and healthy air conditioning and lighting systems, solar panels as external façades and innovative and eco-sustainable materials are some of the features that define the exclusivity of Pharos and make it one of the most futuristic office buildings of our time.

Tile specifications
Caesar’s porcelain tiles are known for their quality and durability, which is why the ceramic interpretation of slate in Caesar’s Slab series in the delicate and clear Khaki colour was the option that inspired the architectural studio. The building’s flooring harmoniously matches the expression of natural stone and complements the beautifully curated timbered staircase designed by Tino Vredenburg.

The 60 x 60cm size demonstrates again how ceramic lends itself to merging tradition and innovation in an architectural concept that has made contemporaneity its signature .

PLACE: Hoofddorp-Amsterdam, Holland
ARCHITECTURAL STUDIO: COARE Architectuur&Realisatie, Amsterdam – Holland
ARCHITECT: Sheryl Leysner
LIGHTS: Ruwe Bolster Lamps & Furniture
SUPPLIER TILES: Intercodam, Amsterdam – Holland
YEAR: 2020
APPLICATIONS: Indoor floor

For further information about Slab, visit Caesar website at: https://www.caesar.it/en/collections-porcelain-tile/slab

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