Kirk has recently introduced patterned stainless steel profiles to their M.Trim range.

Stainless steel has become increasing popular among specifiers. Some of the reasons for this are because stainless steel is a very hardy, high strength and versatile material with excellent anti-corrosive properties.

M.Trim Stainless Steel profiles protect tiles and all other flooring types from wear and tear caused by heavy duty pedestrian traffic, trolleys, cleaning equipment, hospital beds and luggage carriers, and is therefore often used in commercial, government and hospital buildings. One of the main benefits of specifying stainless steel on a project is that it is possible to achieve a variety of profile shapes such as Top hats, Angles, U Channels, Lip Channels, Architraves and bespoke items to architect and designer specifications. Each profile can have its own unique dimensions, which makes it a highly flexible construction material. The Kirk warehouses also stock a variety of off-the-shelf items such as straight edges, square edges, round edges, corner protectors, listellos, internal skirtings, formable straight edges and more in different heights.

Stainless steel finishes to choose from include polished, brushed and satin, giving the specifier even more options to meet the aesthetics required. Kirk recommends Grade 316 in coastal regions and highly corrosive conditions and Grade 430 for inland areas further than 20 km from the coast.

Kirk has recently introduced patterned stainless steel profiles to their M.Trim range, giving specifiers more variety to meet aesthetic and structural requirements. The standard M.Trim stainless steel range is available in three different patterns – Chequed, Dot and Oval and bespoke stainless steel products can be manufactured from these patterns. To view the latest stainless steel products or arrange for samples to be dropped off at your office, contact your nearest Kirk branch.

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