Maximising your Floor grinding machine

by Darren
Diamond Qwickchange Jnl 2 14

Find out what options are available when cleaning and maintaining industrial floors.

Grinding and polishing of concrete and  industrial floors can be improved through a new range of Qwikchange universal adaptor plates and  pads that were introduced to the local market in mid-2013 by Diamond Products, who manufacture, assemble and sell diamond tools and equipment for industrial applications.

The Qwikchange range comes fitted with a universal adaptor plate that enables the product to be attached to the majority of floor grinding machines currently available in South Africa.

The development of the innovative universal adaptor plate offers the market a high-quality alternative at a discounted rate, which could reduce the overall cost of floor polishing projects by up to 30%. Another advantage of the Qwikchange diamond floor pads is the simplicity and the quick and effective change system,, ensuring a reduction in the labour to change diamond grits and a healthier working environment for the floor grinding operator .

The universal adaptor plates click straight onto the grinding machine, thus reducing downtime and additional costs associated with bolting and mechanical installation.

Diamond Products also stocks a comprehensive range of Diamatic floor grinding and polishing machines, scarifying machines, shot blasting machines and dust collectors as well as different grades of resin and metal bond systems that are available in hard, medium and soft bonds, with the option of five grit sizes to cater to various applications.

There is an increasing demand for more efficient and cost-effective methods of industrial floor care, and this new range offers a solution for reducing periodical maintenance and improving the overall appearance and cleanliness of the floor.

For more information contact Diamond Products on 011 552 8310 or info@diamondpc.co.za

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