Maximising energy efficiency

by Darren
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Radiant floor heating systems that are energy-efficient.

Although the power crisis in South Africa has largely disappeared from the pages of the media, there is still a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability in many industries. Warmup continues to help address this issue with a commitment to developing and improving its range of energy-efficient products.

The company has made significant strides in providing customers with energy- efficient radiant floor heating systems. This is accomplished by means of combining the universally acclaimed Marmox range of rigid insulation boards and intelligent thermostats, which are able to regulate temperatures and times according to customer requirements and environmental conditions.

The Marmox range of insulation boards are light-weight, reinforced and durable when installed in both interior and exterior applications. Warmup’s programmable range of thermostats from Denmark includes the intelligent touch screen thermostat, which provides uncompromised comfort and energy saving capabilities. With this combination, electric floor heating remains an affordable and energy-efficient means of heating domestic, commercial and industrial spaces.

Celebrating its 32nd year in the industry, Warmup continues to innovate and partner with leading experts in the field of floor heating. Warmup’s in-house research and development team also has some exciting developments that are set to be launched soon.

They have recently been awarded the Southern African distributorship for the prestigious Viega Fonterra range of hydronic floor heating systems. These products are of exceptional quality, and Warmup offers a full sales service of the Fonterra range including a sophisticated computerised planning model for complex installations. Clients are provided with a detailed installation diagram, cutting schedules and a complete list of all items required to ensure the best possible end result as well as hassle-free operation.

Warmup maintains a comprehensive inventory of components to ensure a rapid response time to projects. Hydronic heating systems are also controlled by Warmup’s intelligent thermostats which ensures that the best possible usage is made of the energy source, whether it be solar, heat pump, gas or electric.

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