MATTING IS ESSENTIAL – With these vulnerable floors

by Darren

All floorcoverings need adequate protection from dirt and water being brought into a building on people’s shoes, but perhaps none more so than a wood, laminate or bamboo floor.

Despite the superb wear surfaces that modern technology provides for these floorcoverings, including the fact that they are highly abrasion-resistant, there is no doubt that grit and dirt brought in from outside the building will adversely affect the performance and appeal of these floors within a short period of usage. They do need protecting with exterior and interior dirt-trap mats if they are to remain an attractive ‘welcome’ to the premises.

Also, one important consideration that people don’t always realise is that dust is often more harmful than water on flooring as it is not always visible but acts as sandpaper on the floor. Therefore, once again, it is so important to make use of an effective dust-control mat at an entrance to premises.

After many years of providing quality dirt-trap matting to South Africa, Matco Marketing has the answers to effectively counter all these problems with mats that ensure most of the dirt and grit is removed from incoming footwear before entering the premises. This is particularly important because people just do not wipe their feet before entering a shop or a building, even if their feet are wet or muddy because it is raining. A dirt-trap mat will go a long way towards alleviating this problem.

For heavy-traffic areas such as shopping malls, Matco recommends using Star Gripper for the exposed exterior entrances, and Trio Scraper which is ideally suitable for the interiors of busy entrances.

Star Gripper is made from flexible PVC material in either Light Grey or Charcoal and provides an entrance system designed to scrape dirt and is ideally suited for recessed applications.

The Trio Scraper Mat provides a double action of scraping and drying through its construction, which is 100% Polypropylene Coarse Fibre Needle Ribs with alternating brushes and soft strips in Polyamide to provide an effective brushing and drying effect. Trio Scraper is ideally suited for indoor applications. Available in Anthracite, Brown and Grey, Trio Scraper is also suitable for any level of foot or lightweight wheeled traffic.  

For further information contact Matco who will provide you with an exciting range of floor matting solutions.


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