Matt surfaces continue to grow in popularity, as they can be seen everywhere from nail polish to car wraps, cabinet handles, countertops, appliances, and cabinetry in living and working areas.

Matt-finish cabinetry a growing trend

Beyond product developments, there is a trend towards embracing matt for its experiential attributes. “Matt surfaces don’t reflect light in the uniform way high-gloss surfaces do,” says Jason Wells, brand and marketing manager at PG Bison, a manufacturer of decorative wood-based products.

A world of touchscreens and other interactive surfaces has driven the development of technologies to improve these interactions, making matt more readily available. Matt-finish cabinetry, with its sophisticated look, is a trend that keeps growing. Advances in technology have meant that the matt look now available is more consistent, sophisticated, and produced more durable surfaces.

Soft matt textures to counter tech

Soft matt surfaces provide a counterpoint to the glare from the many digital devices we tend to be surrounded with in our daily lives. Products are versatile as they can be used to introduce much darker colours effectively, either as a base or as an accent feature. Designers are opting for darker greys and charcoal colours in a matt finish and accenting it with a woodgrain or stone-finish design.

Locally produced matt finish cabinetry

PG Bison is a proudly South African company that aims to inspire and enable beautiful living spaces. The company prides itself on identifying global trends and localising them for the markets it serves. PG Bison’s premium matt product is MelaWood SupaMatt, which adds a touch of elegance to any setting with its silky-smooth look. Available in a range of nine plain colours and two stone-look finishes, it suits every design style. The MelaWood SupaMatt range produces microstructures on the surface, designed to minimise contact with your fingerprints.

For more information, contact PG Bison:
Tel: +27 11 897 5200

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